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PHP Spell Check Error

Thu, 6th November, 2008 - Posted by Administration

There are two common reasons your Word-press spell check will not work on  an Windows IIS server. You will receive an error Similar to the following. The more common solution is related to you php.ini settings and the second is related to your firewall, Intrusion Prevention, and AJAX.

Error Response: Could not open SSL Connection to google…

PHP Spellcheck Error

Solution 1: Configure your php.ini as follows and restart IIS
1. Edit your php.ini file (usually C:WINDOWSphp.ini)
2. Un-comment the line extension=php_curl.dll and extension=php_openssl.dll
3. Save the changes you made to php.ini
4. Restart IIS and voila, spellchecker works

Solution 2: IPS 38734 WEB-PHP Pajax arbitrary command Execution attempt
1. Search for the Above phrase relative to the firewal you use
2. Add an exception to your firewall to allow WEB-PHP Pajax

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