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Wordpress Permalink Error 404 on IIS

Mon, 9th June, 2008 - Posted by Administration

Wordpress Permalinks on IIS return Error 404.
Many wordpress bloggers seem to be having difficulty with “Pretty Permalinks” on IIS servers. The Solution is simple. If your on an IIS Server add /index.php/ to the front of your wordpress Permalink Settings Common Structure.

e.g. /index.php/%category%/%tag%/%year%/%monthnum%/%postname%/

There are many posts that talk about lobbying IIS providers to use ISAPI Rewrite, which is a good idea. There are Free Lite versions available and if your hosting your own blog or using a provider on IIS you should use ISAPI Rewrite on the server.

There are also many posts that talk about setting up a PHP 404 Error Page as follows…
File: www.yourdomain.comwp-404-handler.php
$pos = strrpos($qs, ‘://’);
$pos = strpos($qs, ‘/’, $pos + 4);
$_SERVER['REQUEST_URI'] = substr($qs, $pos);

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