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Shockwave Flash Object Hangs Print Spool

Wed, 11th March, 2009 - Posted by Administration

Symptom: During a Citrix / RDP Login the desktop background appears indefinitely. All Log-ins with roaming profiles hang before the
profile loads. Logins get a desktop color background with no start button or icons but  Local non-roaming profile Logins  succeed.

1. Two Flash/Shockwave files exist in the print que x:windowssystem32spoolprinters folder
xxxx.shd   SHD File
xxxx.spl    Shockwave Flash Object

2. You can Stop the Print Spool Service, delete the files from the spool folder, and restart the spool but users can not print and the server seems unresponsive.
3. Restarting the server takes an unusually long time.
4. Can’t resolve the Server / Users in Citrix Managment Console or Terminal Services Administrator

Solution: Steps 1 through 4 clean up the mess and sometimes solve the issue.  Step 5 seems to resolve the issue.
1.  Restart the server
2. Stop the Print Spool
3. Delete the Flash Files from the Spool Folder
4. Restart the Print Spool
5. Make sure users can delete print jobs.
- You could add the Everyone group to the security of the C:winntsystem32spoolprinters folder and give
them Delete permissions.  When a user prints, a temporary file gets created there ( the .shd file ),  if they do not have permission to
delete the file, it stays there and when you get enough, it hangs the spooler.  If you don’t have spooler problems, these files will
eventually fill up your disk space.

Additional Notes

- Check to make sure your file associations for Shockwave are correct.
- Some report un-installing and re-installing shockwave seems to help.
- Issue seems to begin with SP3 for windows.
- Some report that it’s another application using the .shd and .spl extensions

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