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Network Monitoring

An Invaluable Performance Tool

Hosted Environments uses a variety of reporting services that provide unique visibility into the Metrics of your network, systems, databases and applications. If you're looking for one more reason to use our Managed Hosting Solutions, then consider the value-added services you get from our Managed Metrics. Included with all our Hosting Solutions, this provides critical insight into system performance, bandwidth utilization, memory allocation, and disk activity. And, if Colocation Solutions are more suitable for your business, we can include Metrics in your custom package.

We track system performance in real time, troubleshoot issues and pinpoint potential problems, support capacity and growth planning, and even present performance information to non-technical decision makers.

Experience is on your side.

Hosted Environments Monitoring also provides:

  • Easy-to-decipher information about your system performance
  • Insight into historical information for comparison and tracking purposes
  • All the information you need for long-term capacity and budgeting
  • The data you need to quickly troubleshoot performance-related issues
  • Maximum performance reporting using minimal disk space
  • Engineers to install and manage your monitoring solution

More Information

For more detailed information about how Hosted Environments Network Monitoring can help your business, please call Hosted Environments 866-764-8324, Send us an email, or Submit an Information Request.