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Managed Website

Managed site hosting is important

All website hosting providers offer the same basic features. The difference is in how it's managed.
Are you left to navigate a maze of web tools and wizards or do you actually get a person to work with you to create the site you want.

Website Management Services

Protect your company's domain and site with Website Protection Services. Hosted Environments provides clients with a flexible and reliable Website protection service that shields companies from Website attacks and the threat of viruses, worms, spam, bulk mail, spy-ware, and phishing. All our website hosting services include managed spam blocking, bulk mail blocking, virus protection, fraud protection, content and attachment filtering, and custom filtering.

  • Many sites are too complicated so visitors miss important information.
  • Some sites are too simple and never generate the traffic you desire.
  • Websites are often submitted improperly and the domain is penalized in the search engines.
  • Sites are not properly optimized with titles, keywords, tags, and descriptions.
  • Sites are created with tools that may or may not work in all the web browsers.

Hosted Environments staff will work closely with you to determine the proper balance for your organization making the necessary adjustments as your business grows and changes.

Managed Website Hosting provides the following benefits

  • Save money on the costs associated with development, maintenance, search engine optimization, and advertising.
  • Take advantage of the hosting platforms like IIS, Linux, .NET, Wordpress, PHP PERL, CGI, that you need.
  • Rely on automatic, 24x7x365 protection and security
  • Migration assistance to ensure your site is tested doesn't go down during the transition
  • Access online tutorials and demos for easy set up and support
  • Receive support provided by a team of experienced Hosted Environments webmasters.

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