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Managed Data

Be strategic not administrative.

How much time and management staff do you actually dedicate to maintaining and optimizing your critical databases? How much storage do you require? Is your data safe on redundant swappable drives? It is not enough to simply host a database. The infastructure and data itself must also be managed. Now, your businesses can move the administrative burden of Data Management to Hosted Environments. Our certified database administrators will take on the day-to-day tasks that must be done in order to protect and maximize your information assets, allowing you to focus on strategic projects.

Monitoring, metrics and more.

With the Hosted Environments Data and Database Management Services, you benefit from our experience in managing and supporting all forms of data and databases for hundreds of clients. With this solution, you can:

  • Free up valuable IT resources to focus on application development and strategic projects by having Hosted Environments manage and monitor your database systems
  • Optimize the performance of your database through maintenance automation, tuning, database upgrades and file system monitoring
  • Access Metrics to stay on top of system and database performance
  • Ensure data security through patches and security updates
  • Receive support provided by a team of experienced Hosted Environments database administrators.

Database Management included with packages and services.

Hosted Environments includes the management of your mission critical databases in all it hosting packages. Management is available for the database systems we support including Microsoft SQL Server, MySQL, Pervasive SQL, and Microsoft Access.

More Information

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