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Load Balancing

Improved efficiency and performance.

Improve the efficiency and performance of your systems by using Hosted Environments Load Balancing Solutions. We automatically monitor the load and health of your servers for optimal performance and uptime. Our load balancing allows a system to easily handle large fluctuations in volume to web sites or databases redirects traffic between servers. All of our hosting solutions include load balancing, however we do offer dedicated single server solutions for companies that desire lower costs and do not require high availablity.

Included with Managed, Dedicated, and Application Servers.

Citrix NetScaler optimizes the delivery of web applications—improving performance, increasing security, and improving web server capacity. This approach ensures the best total cost of ownership (TCO), security, availability, and performance for web applications. The Citrix NetScaler solution is a comprehensive network system that combines high-speed load balancing and content switching with state-of-the-art application acceleration, layer 4-7 traffic management, data compression, dynamic content caching, SSL acceleration, network optimization, and robust application security into a single, tightly integrated solution. Deployed in front of application servers, the system significantly reduces processing overhead on application and database servers, reducing hardware and bandwidth costs.

Microsoft Network Load Balancing (NLB) service shares the total load between multiple servers and also provides for retained uptime even in the event of a failed server. This option requires (2) Windows Standard Edition servers or (2) Windows Enterprise Edition servers. We provide a 2nd NIC for each server, crossover cable and setup the NLB environment.

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