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High Availability

Industry leading availability SLA

Hosted Environments understands that a reliable Managed Application, Web, Mail, Database, and IP Service is essential to our clients and their applications. Network performance is a critical factor in optimizing the experience of end-users utilizing those applications. To ensure that our clients are successful, we have designed a network to provide a Managed Service with unparalleled performance and reliability - and has backed it up with an industry-leading availability Service Level Agreement (SLA).

Equipment and Database Replication

We maintain redundant equipment for everything we host. Technologies like Exchange Clustering and SQL Server Replication can also be implimented and are designed to increase data availability by distributing the data across multiple database servers.

High Availability Hosting Services include redundant:

  • Application, Mail, Web, SQL, and Data Servers.
  • Dual Backplane Data Vaults configured with Hotswap / Hotspare Raid configurations.
  • Gigabit connections to five separate, leading providers for outstanding performance and redundancy.
  • Cisco 12000 Routers running BGP4 technology for real time routing that chooses the optimal path.
  • Multiple fiber optic service providers, with separate entrance points and redundant outgoing routes.
  • 24x7x365 proactive network monitoring
  • Bandwidth utilization reporting available via a customer portal.
  • Network capacity to handle large spikes in traffic to ensure the network is never saturated.

More Information

For more detailed information about how Hosted Environments High Availability can help your business, please call Hosted Environments 866-764-8324, Send us an email, or Submit an Information Request.