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Antivirus Protection

Managed Antivirus and Intrusion Detection

We have worked with several Antivirus systems including Norton, McAffee, Computer Associates, and TrendMicro. After significant testing of load verses actual protection we have found that Kaspersky Active VirusScan provides the most comprehensive anti-virus protection for your managed servers without compramising performance.

The problem with many protection systems is that they use significant system resources, present users with often improperly answered security questions, and produce many false positives that inturrupt your productivity. In addition to a full virus scan at the firewall we use Kaspersky's award-winning anti-virus technology at all server levels. This multi staged, full managed, Active VirusScan delivers scanning of all e-mail, FTP access, and Web connections, resulting in comprehensive anti-virus coverage in a single, integrated solution with (ACP) Active Threat Protection .

Today's networks deal with a wide array of security issues that continually become more complex. Multi-vectored attacks, blended and malicious threats like viruses, worms, Trojans, spyware, phishing attacks, and even spam and bulk mail have changed the way IT and security managers protect their data. Managing disparate, multi-vendor security products across diverse environments (e.g., LANs, remote/mobile workers, and partner extranets) and keeping up with patches for vulnerable systems are time consuming and difficult. Businesses require an in-depth, manageable security solution that provides protection for the managed hosting environment against varying security threats and disruptions to business continuity.

While network monitoring is critical to uncovering threats, we believe in the power of planning. When you use our Managed Virus Protection Solutions, you'll benefit from discovery and deployment of protection services fine-tuned to match your needs, response planning to help guide you during alerts, and of course, ongoing monitoring.

Solutions include network-based and host-based Detection and Prevention.

Our Managed intrusion detection offer the following unique benefits:

  • Risk reduction through state-of-the-art equipment and software
  • Around-the-clock protection of applications and data.
  • Comprehensive monitoring by highly-trained security experts
  • Onsite support from a team of professional security specialists

More Information

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