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Secure Application Hosting for SMBs

Wed, 24th December, 2008 - Posted by Administration

Application Solution Providers, Inc. and Hosted Environments, LLC. , premier managed hosting providers and online backup companies announce enterprise-level secure hosting solutions that are available for SMBs. Gone are the days where you set up your own office server and firewall and presume your data is secure. Application Solution Providers, Inc and Hosted Environments, LLC. have found the perfect blend of best practices, policies, hardware and software to ensure your website, mail, and coporate infastructure is never compromised.

Within the last year, Internet security threats have completely changed their style. In the past, port vulnerabilities and services exposure were the biggest concerns. Firewalls solved those holes by simply blocking access to all unused ports. Now, the biggest vulnerability utilizes port 80 and 443. These ports can’t be blocked as port 80 is required for non-SSL website traffic and port 443 is require for sites with SSL. Hackers are attacking websites from the website themselves and companies without application security are having theirs and their customers sensitive data stolen and sold on the black market.

In addition to data theft, the most common attack is SQL Injections. According to security vendor Sophos, 16,000 new websites are hit by the attacks every day. Wordpress, Joomla, Drupal, .NET, classic ASP, shopping carts, Community Server, PHPBB websites have all been hit with SQL Injections.

“Developers and software vendors continue to create mission critical applications using these tools and Users continue to access this information with unsecured workstations and browsers. Our approach is to host the entire organizations network including the Web browser and all applications behind hardened firewalls and servers. The only information transmitted over the internet is screen keyboard and mouse movement,” says Darrell Noble ASP Founder.

Hosted Environments protects their customers from Viruses, Spyware, Spam, Phishing, SQL Injections, Cross Site Scripting, Path Traversal, Bad User Agents, DOS attacks, and more. Customers can receive information for their protected websites and hosted applications. Application protection is included for both Managed / hared Hosting customers and Managed Dedicated Server customers.

Hosted Environments also provides continuous vulnerability monitoring at the firewall, server, and application level from within the Hosted Environments network ensuring the site is getting tested for protection.

For more detailed information about how our managed application, web, email, and data hosting services can help your business, please visit Hosted Environments or call 866-764-8324.

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