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Fri, 9th January, 2009 - Posted by Administration


Bluespeed Hotjobs

Many thanks to Eric Gilson ( for showing us

After Speaking with master recruiter Eric Gilson ( , who was recently interviewed by Dave Mendoza in the article  Meet Eric Gilson, Director of Sourcing and Operations – Bluespeed Technology, Inc. Hosted Environments established a relationship with

We have been providing Full Service Managed Application Hosting, Web Hosting, and Mail Hosting Services to recruiters in 48 states and 7 countries for 10 years. We are unique in that we host ANY software the recruiter needs in one environment that can be accessed by any computer with an internet connection. Our goal has always been to integrate ALL, not just some, of the tools a recruiter uses in a single Hosted Desktop that eliminates local IT costs and allows the recruiter to focus entirely on recruiting and not on technology. Our philosophy has always been

- If it runs on your computer we host it.
- If it needs integration we integrate it.
- If you can buy it we will install and maintain it.
- If you can’t find it we will build it.

Denver, Colorado, September 30, 2008. Application Solution Providers, Inc. expands Software as a Service (SaaS) subscriptions.

Darrell Noble, president & CEO of ASP commented as follows: “The software industry continues evolving rapidly into a service-based industry. We were providing Application Hosting long before Cloud Computing and Software as a Service (SaaS) were popular marketing terms. The benefits of this important trend are best understood by acknowledging that most small and medium-sized organizations do not want or need to purchase their software with traditionally large “up-front” equipment and software license fees. Furthermore, the updates, upgrades, maintenance, and local IT costs often outweigh the benefits of the software.” read more…

For more detailed information about how our managed application, web, email, and data hosting services can help your business, please visit Hosted Environments or call 866-764-8324.

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