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ASP Expands Software as a Service (SaaS)

Thu, 1st January, 2009 - Posted by Administration

Denver, Colorado, September 30, 2008. Application Solution Providers, Inc. expands Software as a Service (SaaS) subscriptions.

Darrell Noble, president & CEO of ASP commented as follows: “The software industry continues evolving rapidly into a service-based industry. We were providing Application Hosting long before Cloud Computing and Software as a Service (SaaS) were popular marketing terms. The benefits of this important trend are best understood by acknowledging that most small and medium-sized organizations do not want or need to purchase their software with traditionally large “up-front” equipment and software license fees. Furthermore, the updates, upgrades, maintenance, and local IT costs often outweigh the benefits of the software.”

“We are implementing a fundamental change in our approach to the hosting business by expanding the software as a service (SaaS) business model to Environments as a Service (EaaS). Our 10 year track record in 48 states and 7 countries particularly qualifies us to host software vendors and their clients. We have developed quality software add-in’s, customizations, and integrations for our clients and it is time to expand hosting any software the client owns, to any software the client wants and the software vendor can provide. The expansion of the SaaS business model to Environments (EaaS) as a Service allows customers and software vendor access to Full service Managed Application Hosting for the highest value possible in our industry.”

“Our customers will continue to pay monthly subscriptions only for the services they need and only for the length of time they may desire. There are no long term contracts or commitments required. Clients benefit because all equipment, software, support, maintenance, and training costs are combined into one low monthly fee. The software Vendor benefits because no rewrite of their software is necessary and there is a dramatic reduction in support, deployment, and billing costs which are bundled into the Hosted Environment. While we encourage software vendors to continue to offer traditional software purchasing options, we are also encouraging our newer customers to explore the cost benefits of EaaS and SaaS.”

“In this period of significant economic uncertainty EaaS and SaaS offers the best overall value in the business software and hosting industry.”

Application Solution Providers is a Colorado-based independent application hosting corporation specializing in open database, open source, Software as a Service (SaaS) systems that integrate directly with the Microsoft platform. ASP specializes in a broad range of application systems designed to meet the needs of diversified business and government organizations. Established in 1999, ASP has been providing quality hosting services long before SaaS and Cloud Computing became popular.

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