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Talenthook Candidate Searching

Wed, 25th June, 2008 - Posted by Administration

Hosted Environments announces hosting of Talenthook Sphere. We host many versions of Talenthook, providing our mutual customers a bandwidth independent way to spider the internet for candidates. Our Digital Desktops include multiple high speed T lines so users can get results in seconds, not minutes or hours. We also assist the clients we host in integrating and seamlessly importing the results into their CRM or recruiting software.

Talent Hook Sphere

What is Talent Hook Sphere?
Las Vegas, NV, Friday, June 25th, 2008 – Resource Edge, LLC, creators of TalentHook, a cutting-edge resume spidering technology solution, have recently introduced new searching and candidate management features along with an impressive new face with the release of its latest version of their software called, TalentHook Sphere.

Sphere, the newest version of TalentHook’s powerful candidate search software, capitalizes on what TalentHook does best, quickly identifying, capturing and returning candidate resumes wherever they reside on the Internet. Already a necessary tool in the arsenal of today’s most productive recruiters, the new version has been met with warm response from current TalentHook subscribers. With expanded search functionality, shared tracking features and the addition of over 800 new Internet sites, TalentHook Sphere offers recruiters the most comprehensive Internet resume retrieval solution on the market.

One of the first changes clients notice is the friendly and intuitive user interface designed to complement today’s most popular business software. When creating the first search using TalentHook Sphere, the biggest improvements are also immediately recognizable. Vital search enhancements on all Internet resources including increased basic criteria searching functionality with expanded detailed criteria options for paid resources, gives recruiters a significant opportunity to better shape and execute their search for accurate and broad results.

For Open Web and Desktop searches, recruiters can select to increase their limits on resume results to cast a wider net across major Internet search engines, community sites and ISPs. In addition, for those recruiters working in a corporate function or across a larger network, exciting shared candidate tracking features will now allow teams to access candidate detail and activity across a password secured business environment.

Add a broad list of additional resume resources and enhanced communication and search functionality to assist the recruiter in creating effective, targeted searches across the Internet and TalentHook now stands to demonstrate more effectively than ever why spidering technology and timely candidate management is a must for the productive and fast paced recruiting environment.

Phil Gonzalez, CEO of Resource Edge, LLC and former recruiter is very pleased with the new enhancements and the feedback he has received from clients that were eager to beta test the new product. “It has been very rewarding to demonstrate for our clients that we value their feedback. To be able to put these enhancements in place and to see recruiters respond so positively to them excites the team. More importantly, it gives us even more steam to continue finding even more ways to optimize our performance and continue enhancing a tool we truly feel is best-in class.”

Initial user feedback on the new version has been extremely positive. The first and most immediate change users have responded to is the new interface, which gives users a fresh and streamlined way to move through creating and managing a search.

Recruitment industry executive and CEO Tim Penick offered his feedback. “It’s very easy to navigate, the different parts of your sourcing process are grouped in a really intuitive format with more drop down menus, more shortcuts and multiple ways to access and manage clients and candidates. TalentHook has always been easy to use, Sphere is faster and friendlier and ultimately more effective.”

The additional searching criteria demonstrate value quickly with users experiencing more optimal search results. Athena Bindel, longtime TalentHook subscriber and recruiter for CTB/McGraw-Hill was one of the first recruiters to try out the new features during TalentHook’s beta testing. Bindel was especially pleased with the new ways to filter and define a search. “I especially like the information and tips that guide you through all of the resume sources you select for your search. I do a lot of Paid resume site searches and one of the challenges is knowing what search parameters can and can’t be used,” she shares. “With TalentHook Sphere, I feel a lot more confident about the search criteria I’m using, knowing where it will work and what I may need to consider to improve my results. The detailed search criteria even lets me define my results by how long a resume has been on a site and lets me factor in salary ranges and education levels as well. It’s a major improvement on a tool I already liked very much. And best of all, I’m seeing more resumes!”

With the new version in place, TalentHook began a directed effort to enhance TalentHook Sphere further with the addition of over 800 new resume sources. The effort to add resources continues with approximately ten new sites being announced to users, weekly.

TalentHook plans to announce more updates and will be continuously adding to their resource list throughout the year. TalentHook is also working to stay informed and involved with the major paid resume sites like to ensure that the software continues to work effectively and well within paid website guidelines to ensure a seamless transition as online sites continue to find ways to ensure they protect job seeker data. With all of those efforts firmly in place, Gonzalez has his team committed to another strong year of service to the recruiting community.

“Our goal and our focus remain consistent. This software was designed to become the tool recruiters rely on to give them quick, easy and streamlined access to candidate resumes online. As the industry has evolved, we meet those challenges for our clients and the industry by pushing the limits of what we can do to improve online resume search. TalentHook Sphere is a strong example of that effort.”

About TalentHook
TalentHook is a robust resume searching tool that scours the Internet for active and passive candidates. This tool aids the recruiter by providing sourcing automation capability which includes the rapid search of hundreds of resume sources, basic candidate contact management and comprehensive reporting.

TalentHook is licensed on a subscription basis because it is continually updated to preserve searching effectiveness and compatibility. For more information on how to acquire TalentHook for your recruiting organization, visit, or call: 800-979-HOOK.

For more detailed information about how our managed application, web, email, and data hosting services can help your business, please visit Hosted Environments or call 866-764-8324.

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