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Applicant Tracking Systems

Wed, 4th March, 2009 - Posted by Administration

Today many ATS systems have moved to the Software as a Service (SaaS) hosted model. The biggest issue is that your ATS application is only one of many tools in your tool box. Carpenters wouldn’t try to build a house with a hammer and leave their tool belt in the truck.

Hosted Environments is different. We host your entire desktop and all the software you use including the ATS system you choose. We replace existing costs and remove your dependancy on equipment. We even host the ATS systems that already run in your browser thereby reducing the bandwidth requirement of these applications and eliminating the headache of browser updates and upgrades that often affect these types of applications.

Here are just some of the Applicant Tracking Systems available today.

Product Company Product Features
Adapt Bond International Software
Bond Adapt provides specialist staffing software, with product features such as full front to back office functionality, total configurability and industry leading integrations.
Akken, Inc.
The industry’s first integrated,
all-in-one front and back office staffing software system.
Alchemus iNetGen Inc.
Web-based tracking system that
emulates the workflow of staffing and recruiting.
Applicant Direct by HRM Direct HRM Direct
95% of our clients would recommend HRM Direct to their peers. 85% consider our features must-have. 100% complete system for corporate recruiters. See our price list and 30-day trial.
Applicant ProTrak Gray Fin Technologies
949-856-9820 –
Improves time to hire through
real-time requisition status reporting
Applicant ProTrak Gray Fin Technologies
949-856-9820 –
Improves time to hire through
real-time requisition status reporting
ApplicantPRO Applicant Tracking Gray Fin Technologies
801-358-0499 –
ApplicantPRO is an Applicant Tracking System designed to help employers from 20 to 2000 employees to expand their applicant pool, qualify their candidates, track where their applicants come from and streamline their hiring process. 30-day FREE Trial, NO SETUP FEES, pricing starts at $690 per year!
Apprentice Sourcer Products
360-737-9678 –
Software for recruiting firms, temp
agencies and companies that process resumes.
Attract Evalica
+44 (0) 1342 310100 (UK)
888-362-9440 (US) –
Flexible web-based recruitment CRM
system with unique matching features.
Top Echelon Network
330-455-1433 –
Affordable Web-based software system with an abundance of time-saving tools.
Bullhorn, Inc.
617-464-2440 –
ASP application offering complete,
customizable control of your data and CRM.
Candidate Manager
416-551-9402 –
Low-cost, highly functional web-based applicant tracking, talent management and restructuring solutions.
CAPS CAPS Software
800-617-7810 –
A world-class software solution for contract staffing, contingency and retained search.
cBizOne cBizSoft, Inc.
972-713-3888 –
A PSA for easy management of consultants, employees, contacts and requirements.
CVTracer CVTracer Software
(888) 329-7354 –
Web-based solution streamlines applicant tracking. Manages the recruitment process.
Deskflow Workflow International, Inc.
(416)-932-0020 –
Automatically designs and creates web-application forms that potential candidates can respond to via a web-browser.
eEmpACT Bond International Software
800-456-5660 –
Comprehensive placement and retrieval with accounting and business management.
The Cluen Corporation
212-255-6659 –
A scalable, comprehensive recruiting software solution.
ePursuant Pursuant Technologies, Inc.
877-776-8800 –
Robust and cost-effective enterprise solution for consulting, recruiting and staffing businesses of all sizes.
Bond International Software
800-342-2222 –
Automates the entire applicant tracking workflow process.
Fill Staff
Cost-effective desktop tracking system that ties into ACT.
Fleetware Recruiting

Fleetware, Inc.

Robust & Customizable recruiting/applicant tracking software. Desktop or web based.

Advanced Information Management
972-618-4743 –
Tracks clients, candidates, skills, projects and job orders. Supports multiple and remote users.
Gopher for
BlackDog Recruiting Software, Inc.
970-349-0364 –
Recruiting applicant tracking staffing software Since 1980.
Hunting System
Safari Software
920-485-4100 –
Powerful, feature-packed ODBC automated software system for temp and perm.

Hirebridge, LLC
954-974 2435 –
Web-based system includes searchable job board and resume submission tools.

Talent Technology
866-747-3375 –
Complete solution includes e-mail, database, Web site posting and client management.
877-467-2849 –
100% Web-based job posting, resume management and applicant tracking.
Questek, Inc.
800-246-8526 –
Simple and powerful front office and back office tools to manage staffing operations.
iRecruiter iCIMS.COM
800-889-4422 –
Next-generation ASP candidate acquisition and tracking solution for Web recruiting.
JobDiva JobDiva, Inc.
866-job-diva –
The future platform of search and recruitment workflow.
MaxHire MaxHire Solutions, Inc.
800-206-7934 –
Full-featured client/server program includes advanced resume parsing.
mindSCOPE One On One Staffing Software
888-264-7236 –
Provides full functionality and customization required by progressive staffing agencies.
NowHire Interactive Solutions Group
800.724.8546 –
Fully automated tracking system that utilizes Web, phone and kiosk technology.
SilkRoad Technology Inc.
866.329.3363 –
Patented browser integrates with hundreds of job boards for one-click job posting and resume importing.
PC Hunter
Mac Hunter
Micro J Systems, Inc.
800-995-HUNT –
Software solutions for staffing professionals.
PCRecruiter Main Sequence Technologies
440-946-5214 –
Microsoft-based applicant-tracking software for any size organization.
PeopleFilter PeopleFilter Technology, Inc.
847.253.9300 –
Scoring engine ranks candidates based on a proprietary library of over 13,000 unique occupational skills.
Persona Applied Systems Technology
800-929-3711 –
Role-based software that offers different interfaces for each critical job within your staffing organization.
ProHire RecruitMAX
877-394-5644 –
Automates recruiting and job posting using artificial intelligence for matching & search.
pssRecruit Progressive Software Solutions
Secure interface allows recruiters to upload & manage job postings on their own sites.
Pharaoh Software
888-233-4651 –
Supports job and candidate tracking and creates a powerful career Web site.
RecruitingCenter Recruiting Solutions International
877 998-1550 –
Web-based recruiting management, skills assessments and timesheets.
207-255-0900 –
Provides online recruiting software designed specifically for healthcare recruiters.
Recruitmax Recruitmax
877-394-5644 –
Tools to manage the recruiting and placement process from beginning to end.
RecruitTrack LLC
877-55-TRACK –
Features MS Outlook integration, resume parsing, and advanced search capabilities.
RESUMate RESUMate, Inc.
800-530-9310 –

Converts resumes into database records in a single action.

ResumeGrabber eGrabber Inc.
408-872-3103 -

Captures info and resumes from e-mail, attachments, web forms, job boards and enters them into a contact manager.

Internet Recruiter
800-988-0003 –
Tools to source and track applicants, manage skills and integrate with HRMS.
877-265-6525 -
Web-based solutions for employers, staffing agencies and recruiting firms.
Sarah HireAbility
650-378-8592 –
Integrated applicant tracking system, job board, splits network and résumé processing services.
Sendouts Pro
877-309-5222 –
Integrates applicant tracking & job matching with background checks, skills tests and job posting.
SimpleSoft, Inc.
503-620-0636 –
Complete, custom systems specifically designed for the recruiting business.
SmartSearch II SmartSearch Online Advanced Personnel Systems
800-875-0588 –
Easy-to-use, workable solution to growing employment management needs.
888-817-9698 –
Affordable, comprehensive and customizable Web-based tracking system.
StaffingSoft, Inc.
972-267-5194 –
Manages talent recruiting, retention, and management from internal staff, to outside vendors, to
candidates globally.
StarSearcher ATS
800-762-4185 –
Customizable ATS that easily handles all aspects of the hiring process.
+44 (0) 870 873 1270 –
Recruiting software for organising, automating and streamlining every aspect of the recruitment process
Taleo Corporation
877-818-2536 –
Enables small and medium organizations to set up a career site in an hour, configure in minutes
!Trak-It Solutions
916-780-8767 x128 –
Includes many standard features found only in much more expensive recruiting solutions.
TROVIX Trovix, Inc.
Delivers intelligent search combined with a full-featured ATS to provide
human-like search results and identify the best candidates for open positions.
Jeda Systems, Inc.
614-985-3664 –
Affordable Web-based recruiting designed for small and medium sized firms.
WebPAS VCG, Inc.
800-318-4983 -
Incorporates client, candidate and resume tracking in a single relational database.
Relational Systems, Inc.
800-346-7156 –
A turnkey solution for applicant tracking.



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