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Symphony CRM Software as a Service (SaaS)

Tue, 15th January, 2008 - Posted by Administration

Application Solution Providers, Inc. and Hosted Environments, LLC. premier managed hosting providers announce Enterprise-Level Customer Relationship Management Hosting solutions that are available for SMBs.

In addition to hosting all the common Customer Relationship Management software (CRM), We are pleased to announce Symphony Customer Relationship Management.

Symphony CRM is available in all our Hosted Environments including Accounting, Legal, Laboratory, Non-Profit, Recruiting, and Transportation. It can be used in conjunction with, or as replacement for, your existing CRM software in a single hosted solution accessible anywhere in the world.

The Full Service Managed Hosted Environment includes your existing applications, data, mail, website, and utilities in one solution.

Symphony CRM offers:

  • Full Intigration with Microsoft Outlook – Maintains the familure look and feel of outlook with added functionality
  • User Defined Projects – Create Projects for anything you want to track. billing, legal documents, fundraising campaigns, jobs, or shipments.
  • Pipeline Tracking – Track contacts and their relevant stage within multiple projects.
  • Reduced Data Entry – Capture new contacts from any Document or Email into your database
  • Pipeline Tracking – Track contacts and their relevant stage within multiple projects.
  • Email Campaigns – Send Mail Merge Email Campagns to any Group or Project in your database.
  • Automated History – Notes are automatically recorded when you send an email or create an appoinment.

For more detailed information about how our managed application, web, email, and data hosting services can help your business, please visit Hosted Environments or call 866-764-8324.

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