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Hosted Environments approaches desktop hosting from the perspective of individual business needs by supporting a wide range of requirements from a single desktop, to more complex high availability environments. With a dedicated hosting team, a choice of platforms, and full-time monitoring, we become your production partner, allowing you to focus on what matters most — your customers and your business.

The Problem

Maintenance and dependence on local equipment and training is a significant cost for any business.

In response many companies outsource individual applications believing they are saving time and money. The reality is that these single hosted apps do not replace but add to existing costs and increase equipment dependency.


Save Money
Stop investing in equipment thats obsolete in a year.

Save Time
Eliminate Local Upgrades, Updates, maintance, and support.

Save Resources
Work smart from any computer, anywhere, anytime.

The Solution?

“By the time our software was up and running we had spent thousands of dollars. The software or operating system had changed and we had a significant investment in something that is already obsolete. To keep pace with the software we purchased new workstations for our employees approximately every three years at an average cost of $1000.00 each. Now we can use the latest software regardless of the capabilities of our local machines. Our annual hardware budget was reduced by 80% and our annual user IT maintenance cost was completely eliminated!”