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Archive for October, 2008

Windows Hosts File

Sat, 18th October, 2008 - Posted by Administration - (0) Comment

The windows hosts file can be used to convert domain names , such as “”, to a numeric form that computers understand and that this is done on the Internet by special computers called name or DNS servers. Facilitating migration from one provider to another, Speeding up browsing and blockage of ads and malware are applications of hosts files that I will discuss

Category : Web Support

How to Fight the New Recession

Tue, 14th October, 2008 - Posted by Administration - (0) Comment

How to Fight the New Recession
- By Bill Radin
Here we go again: Another soft economy.
I learned a lot from the last two, so let me give you some quick ideas about how to fight back.
First, take a deep breath. If you’re resilient, persistent and willing to make a few adjustments, you’ll do just fine. You [...]

Category : Recruiting Careers