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Archive for June, 2008

Talenthook Candidate Searching

Wed, 25th June, 2008 - Posted by Administration - (0) Comment

Hosted Environments announces hosting of Talenthook Sphere. Application Solution Providers, Inc. and Hosted Environments have hosted many versions of Talenthook, providing our mutual customers a bandwidth independent way to spider the internet for valuable leads and information. Our Digital Desktops include high speed burtable T lines so users can get results in seconds, not minets or hours.

Category : Recruiting Software

Wordpress Permalink Error 404 on IIS

Mon, 9th June, 2008 - Posted by Administration - (0) Comment

Many wordpress bloggers seem to be having difficulty with “Pretty Permalinks” on IIS servers. The Solution is simple. If your on an IIS Server add /index.php/ to the front of your wordpress Permalink Settings Common Structure.

Category : Web Support